Van Rees participates in the Malawi Tea Revitalisation Programme 2020

Van Rees Tea, part of Acomo, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and thereby declared their intentions to support the Malawi Tea Revitalisation Programme 2020. This large-scale industry programme has the objective to achieve a competitive industry where workers earn a higher living wage and smallholders are thriving.

Malawi is an important tea origin for Van Rees and have had an office there since the early 1970s. Currently Van Rees is one of the main buyers of Malawi tea in the weekly auction. The tea from Malawi provides a livelihood for the many tea workers, smallholders and their families. Various companies in the tea industry have acknowledged that the living wages in Malawi are relatively low and strive to act on it.
Managing Director of Van Rees Group, Maarten Obbink, stated that this ambitious programme is broadly supported and hence an opportunity for the industry to really achieve an impact. Every company has its own role in the supply chain and they have to work together to make it a success.

Van Rees believes that only an industry that creates value for all its actors will remain successful in the future and hence will be truly sustainable.

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