Some banana cultivars in Indonesia show Panama disease resistance

During the summer of 2014, samples were collected of Bananas affected by Panama disease on three different islands. Research by Nani Maryani, PhD student at Wageningen University, focussed on areas surrounding the rain forest for infected banana plants. They collect parts of the banana corn, the leaf and soil samples for analyses.

Interestingly, the researchers identified some cultivated bananas among the huge banana diversity they have observed during the sampling expedition that are seemingly resistant to Panama disease in Indonesia.
Pisang Klutuk Wulung

These include Pisang Klutuk (Musa balbisiana) and Pisang Mahuli that were never affected throughout the expedition at various geographical sites. In addition, various indigenous wild banana species such as Musa bornensis, Musa acuminata var. Falava and Musa acuminata var. bantamensis were also found resistant in wild forest habitats.

These species and varieties will undergo in-depth analyses in further laboratory experiments in Indonesia and Wageningen.

Feel free to contact Nani about her PhD project and on-going work here.

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