Growing bananas in pots

Bananas are tropical herbs and that mean you can run into serious trouble if you want to grow your own bananas and you live in a temperate climate in northern Europe or North-America. Some species of bananas may tolerate some frost but most don’t and you never know how cold it may become in those dark winter nights.

The solution is to grow your banana plants in pots that can be stored indoors during the colder months. You should choose your pot with some care: because bananas are shallow rooted the pot should be wider than taller. That shape will help to stabilize the pot as the plant gains height.
Remember that banana plants require lot of drainage. In its native tropical climate it will get moisture at least once a day but this rain will drain away quickly in the loose soil. To emulate this, the pot must have a moderate distribution of holes in the bottom of the pot and also by choosing a soil that percolates.

Resist the temptation to place rocks at the bottom of a pot. Rocks can adversely affect the soil pH, become a home for fungi, etc. Also, do not place flat-bottomed pots on a flat surface because the moisture will become ‘trapped’ in the pot and that will also be a perfect home for diseases. Raise the pot so it will drain completely by placing it on a few masonry chips or bricks.

Choose a soil that contains a good mix of sands, peat, organic material and perhaps some manure and calcium.

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