Banana trees* destroyed to protect Queensland (Australia)

* Yes, I know its not a tree but a large herb.

A huge number of banana trees in the Northern Territory of Australia will be destroyed as part of a Aus$2.8 million plan to protect neighbouring Queensland and the entire banana industry from the Banana Freckle disease, a fungal disease, that was found at the end of August 2013 near Darwin. The Banana Freckle disease affects the fruit and leaves of the banana tree.
Queensland produces 90 per cent of Australia's bananas, mostly Cavendish. Everyone concerned is trying to prevent the (further) spread of the disease. Every banana tree that is suspected of infection will be felled as well as all other trees within a one-kilometer radius.

In other measures to prevent the spread of Banana Freckle, the Queensland Government has strengthened legislation that already bans banana plants and soil from coming into the state. There are now bans on banana fruit coming in from the Northern Territory as well. There is no commercial banana trade between Northern Territory and Queensland, so only travelers will be affected.

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