A noteworthy banana: Pink banana

The Pink banana (Musa dasycarpa, formerly known as Musa velutina) is banana species that originated from Assam[1]. This species is known for its strikingly pink flowers. It is a rather smallish banana plant, that is typically used for its ornamental appeal. Normally, its height will not exceed two meters. One of its other appealing aspects is that it usually flowers within a year.
The bananas are borne on erect flower stalks are pink and hairy. The fruit itself is about ten centimeters long, has soft, sweet flesh and is edible. The fruits peel back when ripe. Eating however is made rather difficult because of an abundance of small black seeds.

In other words: if you want to grow an attractive and not too large banana in your own home, the pink banana is certainly a very good choice.

Häkkinen et al: Taxonomic history and identity of Musa dasycarpa, M. velutina and M. assamica (Musaceae) in Southeast Asia in Journal of Systematics and Evolution - 2008. Pdf here.

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